In order to make nutrition a sustainable part of your daily life, and the lives of your family members, it’s important to choose food that you enjoy eating and food that is realistic. Those two factors are critical if you want to stick to a new long-term diet that is better for your health. Eating healthy meals can aid weight loss, digestive problems and other seemingly unrelated health issues.

Jill Borba is Naturopathic Family Health’s resident Nutritionist. Her holistic nutrition philosophy celebrates food and its ability to add enjoyment to your life. Here are some fundamental suggestions from Jill for establishing a sustainable diet filled with nutritional value:


Avoid all processed food

The very first step to good nutritional health is to altogether avoid chemically processed food that has been made with artificial or refined ingredients. This could mean avoiding foods at the grocery store that have a long list of unrecognizable ingredients. In particular, look out for high fructose corn syrup, preservatives, colorants, artificial flavoring and refined carbohydrates.


Eat a plant-based diet

To eat nutritiously is to embrace vegetables. This doesn’t mean eating a vegetarian diet, but it does mean that three quarters of your diet should be made up of plant food—primarily vegetables. Veggies should be eaten at every meal for optimal nutritional impact, including breakfast. Each serving of veggies should be at least 1.5 cups. Here are some ideas for a vegetable-fueled breakfast that tastes great:

  • Homemade vegetable soup
  • Eggs with sautéed vegetables
  • Bacon or sausage with vegetable hash


Minimize salt and sugar

Salt and sugar are stimulants that cause inflammation in the body. Too much inflammation can lead to conditions such as diabetes or coronary heart disease. To avoid these issues, the solution is to reduce your salt and sugar intake. Season your fresh food with spices and herbs for flavorful, healthy dishes. Fruit and honey are great alternatives to processed desserts filled with sugar.


Balance Your pH Levels

The body has various levels of acidity and alkaline throughout, and these varying degrees of pH are important to the different processes that your body activates to remain healthy… [learn more]


Maintain a low glycemic diet

A low glycemic diet can help you maintain balanced blood sugar levels and insulin production, thus avoiding health issues such as Type II diabetes and pancreatic illnesses… [learn more]


Follow these delicious, nutritionist-approved recipes!


Sweet potato chicken stew-page-001



Chard with pancetta and walnuts-page-001



Peach raspberry crisp-page-001




With an emphasis on sustainable and holistic nutrition, Nutritionist Jill Borba’s expertise supports and educates patients, while helping them understand how they can best implement the nutritional recommendations made by their naturopathic doctors. She can help you create meal plans, diet adjustments or a cleanse that is right for your situation. Her expertise includes:

  • digestive disorders
  • hormone imbalance
  • cardiovascular disease
  • detoxification
  • chronic pain
  • diabetes
*Disclaimer: Results may vary from patient to patient

I love Jill! I’ve been seeing her for a few months now and I’ve learned so much! Not just about how food works but more importantly, how my body works and how I need to work with it. She is incredibly gentle in her approach and I appreciate realism she brings to her suggestions. And did I mention she is smart as hell! I learn something new each time we meet! She’s NOT an uptight doctor that tells you what to do, she’s NOT full of judgement, she’s caring, knowledgeable and she has changed my life! I came into her office frustrated, worried but willing to make changes. I experienced compassion and information like never before. 8 months later, I’ve made lots of changes, need to make many more but most importantly, I feel great -Physically, Mentally and Emotionally!


Jill changed my life. For more than 20 years (perhaps longer), I’ve had problems with food, stress, and irritability. Thinking that I was already on an excellent low-carb diet, I did not seek out a nutritionist during that time. I relied on exercise, supplements, yoga, breathing, etc. But it wasn’t solving my problem. Jill solved it. She tailored a particular balance of protein, vegetables, fruit, and starch to suit my body, activity level, and needs. She advised me to eliminate certain foods and drinks and to change the number of meals I eat per day, snacking habits, etc. I followed her plan 100%.  And it worked. Two months later, I am far less irritable, I no longer stress-eat, I have lost weight and feel very light on my feet, I am mentally sharper, I sleep better, and my relationships are improved. I owe it all to Jill. I highly recommend Jill to design a highly tailored diet to meet your particular needs.  Many thanks Jill!


For several years my doctor regularly monitored my blood sugar, which was testing as “pre-diabetic”. He never talked to me about the role of nutrition in diabetes prevention.  Only THREE WEEKS after beginning to work with Jill Borba, my blood sugar test was normal.


Dr. Berkebile is an amazing, talented, compassionate doctor and human being. I started seeing her a couple of months ago when I decided to try something different after years of not feeling well. I had several issues and she developed a plan to tackle each one, including asthma, fatigue, poor sleep, pain. I spent two years seeing specialist to figure out why I suddenly had difficulty breathing…many medications, tests and expenses later I did not feel well. After following the plan Dr. Berkebile prescribed for me of supplements, I was feeling better and within two weeks I was no longer on any of the asthma medications! I sleep like a baby and I now have energy to exercise. I also see her for acupuncture which has greatly reduced my stress and joint pain. Being a cancer survivor, my only regret is that I did not start any of this sooner because Dr. Berkebile has helped me get my life back.


I first saw Dr. Jewell-Larsen with a myriad of complaints that previous MD’s and NP’s considered unrelated.  My first visit with her was memorable because she was so genuine and spent so much time trying to understand all of my issues.  It was a relaxed conversation rather than a hurried MD appointment where as you are describing your symptoms the doc is already writing the script and has his foot half way out the door!  Dr. Jewell-Larsen has been committed to addressing each of my complaints with natural, holistic solutions and provides a treatment plan after each visit so we both stay on the same page. It is a relief to know that I don’t have to figure out all of my health issues on my own anymore and try to stand my ground at the MD’s office! I even feel like I have an advocate and partner, which is how the relationship with a doctor is supposed to be!  I am convinced that seeing Dr. Jewell-Larsen is not only making me well but preventing the major illnesses in my family from happening to me! After years of feeling sick I finally feel the best I ever have and am continuing to get even better!


In November of 2014 I had my first visit with Dr. Berkebile.  This was my first experience with naturopathic medicine and I was desperate to find an alternative to all of the medications that had been prescribed for asthma by traditional doctors.  The past three years were pretty miserable due to respiratory issues that were not controlled. Within two weeks of my treatment plan with Dr. Berkebile, I was not using any inhalers or steroid medications, officially off of all asthma medicine.  I am back to doing the things that I enjoy, riding my bike, taking nice long walks without problems breathing. Dr. Berkebile has given me my life back!  She is so compassionate and listens to what your complaints are and then developments a plan to get you well.  In addition to controlling the asthma, she has helped me with sleep issues, fatigue and joint pain caused by chemotherapy.  I have even started getting acupuncture and now I am hooked as it really helps with stress and pain. So if you are looking for an alternative or complimentary help with medical concerns, I highly recommend Dr. Berkebile.


I am so blessed to have Dr. Jen as my N.D. I came to her in late August ’12 with a history of clinical depression & anxiety. I had been using an antidepressant since 1994. I tried several times to get off the meds without success. I even changed my eating habits & became vegan but within 3 mo. the depression & panic attacks came back more intensely. I went to my previous M.D. and went back on the meds but this time they made my symptoms far worse. I couldn’t function at my job or at home.

I was frightened so I prayed daily for God to help & help came in the form of Dr. Jennifer Jewell- Larsen. She listened compassionately to my story and calmly gave her advice & recommendations. Within a few weeks after being tested & reviewing the results of the tests with Dr. Jen she prescribed for me certain herbs & vitamin supplements to help balance my hormones & ease my anxiety.

I thank God because a miracle happened…I feel superb! I feel my “normal” self. I have a vast amount of energy & no symptoms of depression or panic attacks! I’m still vegan & making sure I get plenty of protein by eating lots of whole grains, beans, nuts fruits & plenty of veggies. I’m exercising & taking one day at a time.

Bless your heart, Dr. Larsen & thanks for your hugs!


I had a mysterious health situation that made me very weak, affected my ability to sleep, left me with chills, tremor, and painful tension, came on suddenly and lasted for months — especially frightening for someone otherwise healthy in my mid-thirties! What I realized from many specialist visits (2 neurologists, 2 endocrinologists, 1 cardiologist, and many visits with my primary care doctor) is that they are only trained to diagnose things that are “in the book” and prescribe a treatment “from the book”. Of all the doctors I saw, Dr. Jewell-Larsen was the only one with a true theory of what was going on AND an actionable plan to get me back to normal again. Being able to look at the big picture of my health and identify ways to help my body get back to equilibrium was such a hugely useful approach. The traditional doctors I saw are all very well-regarded and seemed genuinely caring, but they just aren’t trained to look at the “big picture” in the way that Dr. Jewell-Larsen was able to. I am now well down the road to recovery and the turning point was when I came to Naturopathic Family Health!


I always thought healthy food came with a price… taste. But Jill has taught me that healthy food can be flavorful and delicious!

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