Our Admin Team

Rachel McGrath Office Manager

Rachel McGrath

Office Manager

Rachel is passionate about the benefits of naturopathic medicine and is committed to providing exceptional service and support to our patients. In her free time, she loves to spend quality time with loved ones and to enjoy time out in nature.

Acacia Glover

Acacia Glover

Front Desk Coordinator

Acacia brings first hand knowledge of the benefits of naturopathic medicine to our administrative team. She is passionate about helping more people learn about our medicine and assist our patients through their journey. Her strong customer service skills and her warm and friendly personality have been a great addition to our budding admin team!

Kayla Ramos

Kayla Ramos

Office Assistant

Kayla is passionate about holistic healthcare and has found healing and empowerment herself within the Naturopathic approach. She looks forward to supporting you on your healing journey!

Ellen O'Neill Office Assistant

Ellen O’Neill

Executive Assistant to Dr. Jewell-Larsen

Ellen O’Neill relocated to the Bay Area from Sydney, Australia in 2021. She has a passion for customer relations and has experienced the benefits of holistic medicine first hand. When not at NFH Ellen enjoys seeing live music, swimming and spending time with her husband and cat.

Makenzie Homrich Office Assistant

Makenzie Homrich

Process Engineer

Makenzie Homrich has been a valuable part of our practice for a number of years. As an Office Assistant, she has served in many capacities from inventory management to reconciling vendor data discrepancies. She also creates, improves, and runs statistical reports. Now a student at Pepperdine University, Makenzie is working toward law school in the near future.

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