Author: Jen Jewell-Larsen

Wildfires, Smoke, and Your Health

California’s wildfires. They’re big. They’re scary! Yet they are also necessary. Did you know that forest fires replenish the soil with nutrients from charred vegetation,

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Sleep Soundly

Chronic sleep deprivation makes pain worse, while sleeping soundly has added benefits of reducing the risk of heart attack, hypertension, diabetes, and stroke. It also

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Immune Tea

Hot foods, soups, stews, and teas are a great starting point for boosting your immunity. When I hear someone at home is feeling a cold

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dry skin brushing

Dry Skin Brushing

The skin is the largest organ of the body. It protects the body, helps regulate body temperature, and eliminates wastes. Dry skin brushing is a

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Your health is one of your greatest assets. At Naturopathic Family Health in Willow Glen, California, our goal is to help you cultivate that asset and take control of your health and well-being.

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