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Gastrointestinal Health

Your digestive tract is one of the keys to establishing and maintaining health. It breaks your food down into nutrients, which the body uses for energy, growth and repair. It houses your gut microbiota, which assist in digestion and regulate immune homeostasis. It even influences the release of neurotransmitters, which affect your mood and perception of pain.

Why Should You See Naturopathic Doctors for Gut-Related Conditions?

We offer a more thorough assessment to investigate the root causes.

The western medicine has limited tools when searching for a cause.  When the tools are exhausted, and no answers are found, patients are left with a vague diagnosis and medications to take indefinitely to control their systems.  In an even worse scenario, those medication don’t even work.

What the western medicine fails to recognize is that most symptoms arise from a disrupted ecosystem in the gut, and the conventional diagnostic tools can’t assess the disruption well.  The disruption can happen at a microscopic level that the doctor can’t see during an endoscopy or colonoscopy.  The disruption can be caused by bacteria or yeast overgrowth that are not the typical pathogens, like Salmonella or Giardia, in the standard stool test panel.

Naturopathic doctors recognize the complex of the ecosystem in our gut and use a broader tool set to investigate the root cause.  We take a thorough intake of patient’s diet, and we weigh in the potential of food intolerance.  We utilize breath and stool tests that evaluates the digestion, malabsorption, inflammation and composition of the bacteria and yeast to catch the imbalance in the ecosystem.

We provide a more comprehensive treatment plan.

The current medical system is quite defragmented when it comes to providing care. Patient are passed between the gastroenterologist, dietitian and primary care physician with no one serving as the hub to integrate the care. Treatment options are often not effective for people with chronic conditions or can further disrupt the ecosystem and increase patients’ risks for other health problems. The support for the recommended diet is particularly lacking with no handouts or guidance provided. They also are not trained in herbs and supplements, and as a result, can’t provide any comments or suggestions.

Naturopathic doctors spend a lot more time in their visits with patients to educate and guide a patient through the recommended diet which is often an essential part for treating the cause. We are able to review drug and herb interaction and provide safe and effective natural treatment options. The natural treatments can be particularly helpful for people who can’t tolerate drugs or don’t respond to them. We work on restoring a healthy ecosystem in the gut and reduce patients’ risks for relapse.

What Conditions Do Naturopathic Doctors Treat?

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