4 Ways to Eat Well on a Budget

eat well on a budget

I believe that the purpose of my work is to dispel the myths that healthy, organic food is expensive and tastes bad. In fact, it is fairly easy to eat well on a budget. However, for many people it is typical to look at the price difference on two contrasting food items – one made with cheap and artificial ingredients that lack any nutrients, the other made with organic quality ingredients that nourish the body – and think that eating organic is unaffordable and impossible.

Eat Well on a Budget

In reality, cutting out processed convenience foods is often much cheaper, and always more delicious. Imagine a steaming pot of fresh soup full of vegetables and herbs. Next, imagine a gloppy can of overcooked vegetables and artificial seasonings used to hide the complete lack of flavor. Not only does the fresh soup taste better, but you can make a huge pot for the price of a tiny single serving can.

Over the years, I’ve learned the best way to eat well on a budget. Here are a few techniques I picked up along the way:

Roast a chicken

Trader Joe’s carries organic chicken for under $10. Not only does it contain more chicken meat, but it also provides four quarts of broth and chicken fat that you can use to sauté.

Eat more beans and whole grains

These are the most affordable foods you can buy. As a bonus, they are full of fiber, vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients.

Cut back on meat

This doesn’t mean you have to deprive yourself. However, nowadays we’ve become accustomed to excessive portions. A serving of meat should be three to four ounces. This means that dinner for a family of four should only require one pound of meat, making organic very affordable.

Stick with meals like stir-frys, stews and fresh chili

Dishes with lots of vegetables, beans and whole grains, along with animal protein and healthy fats make for filling and wholesome meals.

Need more nutritional advice? Jill Borba is our resident Nutritionist and offers nutrition counseling part time to patients in our office. She is dedicated to helping people improve their health through an inspiring and comprehensive nutritional approach that celebrates food and teaches an attitude of healthy abundance around eating.

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