8 Common Misconceptions About Working With A Nutritionist


As a nutritionist, my goal is to support people in healing their relationship with food.  I believe that you can eat in a way that provides both nourishment for your body and pleasure for your spirit.  Here are a few common misconceptions that often block people from seeking help from a nutritionist. 

She’ll make me stop eating all the foods I love. 

This is a common fear that prevents many from going to nutrition counseling.  People often think that I will tell them what to do.  My work is a partnership.  I often tell clients, “I know nutrition and you know you.”  We will work together to meet your health goals.  

She’ll judge me.

I strive to create a judgment-free zone.  Not only do I not judge my clients, but I encourage them not to judge themselves.  Clients often tell me, “Jill, I could hear your voice in my head telling me to be more compassionate with myself!” 

Treating my sugar addiction means giving up all sweets. 

Unlike substance addictions, treating sugar addictions or uncontrollable sugar cravings is about creating balance.  You can still enjoy sweets, but you get to choose to feel good about eating them rather than feeling out of control.  

She’ll give me a meal plan.

Meal plans can be useful tools to support you.  But my goal is to help you learn how to feed yourself so that you can enjoy your diet and feel empowered.  We work to cultivate long term healthy habits using a variety of tools and resources.

She has a magic diet plan that will fix all my problems.

There is no perfect diet.  Together we will optimize your diet and heal your body.

She eats perfectly. 

Just as I encourage my clients to release the idea of “all or nothing”, I focus on maintaining a healthy foundation and making the best choice in the moment.  I regularly eat treats that are not nourishing, but that I enjoy.  

I’ll see her one time and know everything I need.

There is no one-size-fits-all diet or magic tricks.  I guide people in building the optimal diet for them that takes into account their physiological needs, practical needs and personal taste.  Unlike one-size plans, this takes time and coaching.

Food is either healthy OR delicious.

I feel it is my mission to dispel this myth.  Fresh, natural food is not only nourishing, but delicious and easy to prepare.  As I coach my clients through their blocks, they acquire a taste for fresh food that they begin to crave.  


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