How to Make a Healthy Breakfast

Most of us grew up with a very limited view of what constitutes breakfast.  With the exception of eggs, bacon, and sausage, we usually think of foods high in refined grains such as pancakes, toast, bagels, and cereal.  Even “healthy” cookbooks typically focus on porridges made from whole grains like amaranth or oats.  Yet, even these whole-grain porridges don’t provide a well-balanced meal.  

Common Misconceptions

People often mistakenly believe they are making a healthy choice when they eat whole-grains like oatmeal for breakfast.  While oats are nutritious food and are high in fiber and nutrients, eating oatmeal ALONE doesn’t provide a sufficient amount of protein, and is typically high in carbohydrates.  It’s also important to get vegetables with every meal in order to reach a recommended amount of 6-8 cups a day.

Think Outside The “Breakfast Box” 

This is why I encourage people to think outside the “breakfast box”.  Many foods that aren’t typically envisioned as breakfast can make a wonderful meal in the morning.  For example, a warm bowl of soup full of vegetables, healthy proteins like chicken or beans, and bone broth can be nourishing, hydrating, and easy to digest first thing in the morning.  Not to mention, it’s quick and easy to prepare.

Other ideas for a healthy breakfast include: 

  • A vegetable scramble made with pasture-raised eggs, organic bacon, or organic sausage
  • Smoothies made with fruit, vegetables, a high-quality protein powder, and healthy fats like avocado, nut butter, or chia and flax seeds
  • Egg casserole with vegetables (like this)

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