Dr. Sadi Jimenez, ND 

Dr. Sadi Jimenez, ND San Jose
Bilingual English / Spanish


Dr. Sadi Jimenez is a naturopathic doctor with an integrative approach that combines conventional and alternative medicine to unmask the root cause of chronic disease. Her approach not only treats symptoms, but addresses the underlying factors that have led to the manifestation of symptoms in the first place.

Dr. Sadi focuses on each individual’s whole health. She believes our bodies have a mental, physical and spiritual component, and the harmony of all three creates and maintains health.

In practice, she aims to understand your personal triumphs and challenges, gather appropriate medical information, conduct lab testing (conventional and functional testing), and implement a plan that includes your priorities and goals. Dr. Sadi’s plan consists of botanical medicine, food therapy, lifestyle changes, conventional treatments, and supplements where appropriate.

Her medical expertise includes:

Dr. Sadi received her doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr University, in San Diego, California. During naturopathic medical school, she learned from different types of healers and healthcare practitioners, including from conventional healthcare workers in community health clinics, naturopathic elders, and oral healers in traditional medicine. They taught her that there is no separation of the mind and the body. What affects one affects the other. We must understand ourselves biochemically and mentally. This philosophy helped Dr. Sadi in her own healing journey and continues to guide her practice.

When not working with her patients, Dr. Sadi enjoys dancing, roller skating, and hanging out with her friends.


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