Dr. Casey Berkebile

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“The best thing about my practice is watching people become more vital and empowered by their health. I am grateful to be able to be the guide for my patients, as they often teach me as much as I teach them.”

Casey Berkebile, ND, LAc

Dr. Casey Berkebile approaches patient care holistically, addressing her patients’ concerns using traditional healing modalities such as acupuncture and Chinese herbs coupled with naturopathic medical care. Her medical expertise includes:

  • Pediatrics
  • Acupuncture
  • Women’s health
  • Functional endocrinology
  • Digestive complaints
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Diabetes
  • Autoimmune conditions

Dr. Berkebile’s individualized treatment plans may include laboratory testing, lifestyle counseling, Western and Chinese herbs, clinical nutrition, acupuncture, and intravenous nutrient therapy. Dr. Berkebile believes in creating partnerships with her patients in order to help them achieve their health goals. She welcomes patients of all ages and health concerns.

Dr. Berkebile received her doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine and Master’s degree in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture from Bastyr University in Seattle, Washington. She also holds a Bachelor of Science in Cell Biology from the University of Washington. During her medical studies she completed specialized rotations in pediatrics and women’s health, as well as cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Upon graduation she completed a residency at San Francisco Natural Medicine. She is a nationally board-certified acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist. Dr. Berkebile is an active member of the California Association of Naturopathic Physicians, the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians and the Pediatric Association of Naturopathic Physicians.

When not working, Dr. Berkebile can be found in the garden or outdoors enjoying the sunshine.


Patients’ Words

I have had chronic health issues most of my life. I was sick of traditional medicine and doctors who would rather prescribe pain pills than get down to the bottom of my medical issues. Dr. Berkebile was referred to me by a chiropractor who recommended I make an initial appointment to learn more about what a Naturopathic doctor does. I have been working with her for over five years now solving and managing my health naturally. She has taught me so much about my body and shows genuine care for her patients.  One area that has been extremely helpful to me is Telemedicine appointments. I travel three to four times a year for work so being able to keep up with doctor appointments via video/phone has been invaluable! I am truly grateful to have found Dr. Berkebile and I highly recommend her Naturopathic treatments.

I am finally on the road back to greater health and vitality after seeing Dr. Casey Berkebile for a few months. I first visited her office seeking assistance with weight loss but Dr. Berkebile quickly figured out that the weight issues were part of a bigger picture that included adrenal fatigue and significant nutrient deficiencies. She started me on herbal supplements and vitamins while I cut out the caffeine (3-4 cups per day!), started working on stress management, and tried to limit sugar. Rooting out sugar from my diet is/was the hardest part but it makes the biggest difference in how I feel every day. The adrenal supplements that Dr. Berkebile prescribed are the key to balancing my body's energy and blood sugar levels so that I am not always hunting down sugary foods for energy. Now I can get through my day without using caffeine and sugar as energy crutches and without all the body aches and pains that had crept in.

However, Dr. Berkebile is not just about vitamins and being a compassionate listener (although she definitely is that.) Dr. Casey works from hard data - comprehensive blood panels and hormone tests - and combines it with her extensive knowledge of chemistry, chemical pathways, and hormone processes to build a comprehensive picture of what is going on with my health. This is really smart medicine.

Now that the extreme fatigue has lessened considerably, I am able to stay away from sugar and have the energy to power my workouts and eat clean. The weight is starting to come off.


My infant son and I both have had the pleasure of getting to know Dr Berkebile and being under her excellent care. The baby was struggling with chronic wheezing and coughing. Our pediatrician could only recommend asthma medication and while it helped his symptoms to stay under control, it wasn't taking care of the root cause. Dr B went over baby's health history, even the details of his birth and eating habits, and with the help of some supplements and new habits we have started building up his immune system as well as preventing him from getting sick again.

Because she was so welcoming, easy to talk with and extremely knowledgeable about health, I decided to become her patient myself. She's helping me with my recovery from postpartum depression and anxiety. In our discussions about treatment and lifestyle, I have been very impressed with her knowledge of how the body and brain are linked as well as her non-judging, supportive manner of helping me sort through these concerns.

For those who are looking to treat the root cause of illnesses and not just the symptoms and just become well overall, I highly recommend Dr Berkebile!


I cannot say enough great things about Dr. Casey Berkebile. For years doctors tried to diagnose me, often bringing up scary diseases or immune disorders and were always wrong. By the time I had my appointment with Dr. Berkebile I had been poked and prodded more times than I care to count. She spent over an hour talking with me and actually listened to what my symptoms were. Dr. Berkebile explained everything in a way that I could understand and took the time, did the research and actually figured out what was wrong with me. I have never felt better!! If you are reading this review, stop reading and just book your appointment already. She's amazing and will do amazing things for you and your health. You will not regret it!


In November of 2014 I had my first visit with Dr. Berkebile.  This was my first experience with naturopathic medicine and I was desperate to find an alternative to all of the medications that had been prescribed for asthma by traditional doctors.  The past three years were pretty miserable due to respiratory issues that were not controlled. Within two weeks of my treatment plan with Dr. Berkebile, I was not using any inhalers or steroid medications, officially off of all asthma medicine.  I am back to doing the things that I enjoy, riding my bike, taking nice long walks without problems breathing. Dr. Berkebile has given me my life back!  She is so compassionate and listens to what your complaints are and then developments a plan to get you well.  In addition to controlling the asthma, she has helped me with sleep issues, fatigue and joint pain caused by chemotherapy.  I have even started getting acupuncture and now I am hooked as it really helps with stress and pain. So if you are looking for an alternative or complimentary help with medical concerns, I highly recommend Dr. Berkebile.


Dr. Berkebile is an amazing, talented, compassionate doctor and human being. I started seeing her a couple of months ago when I decided to try something different after years of not feeling well. I had several issues and she developed a plan to tackle each one, including asthma, fatigue, poor sleep, pain. I spent two years seeing specialist to figure out why I suddenly had difficulty breathing…many medications, tests and expenses later I did not feel well. After following the plan Dr. Berkebile prescribed for me of supplements, I was feeling better and within two weeks I was no longer on any of the asthma medications! I sleep like a baby and I now have energy to exercise. I also see her for acupuncture which has greatly reduced my stress and joint pain. Being a cancer survivor, my only regret is that I did not start any of this sooner because Dr. Berkebile has helped me get my life back.