Naturopathic Family Health hopes you give us the chance to give you a reason to sing our praises, in the meantime, see what others are saying about our doctors in these Naturopathic Family Health testimonials:

My doctor prescribed several medications (for high cholesterol, hyperthyroid and osteoporosis.)  The side effects were worse than the conditions!  The nutritionist provided in my healthcare plan's 15 minute-one-time visit was very vague in her advice, and was not able to answer my questions.  The foods recommended by one condition were not allowed by the other!  Upon realizing that I could not exist on water alone, I decided to consult a Naturopathic Doctor.

Enter Dr. Sherry Su.  Dr. Su, on my first visit, offered hope!  Her calm, cheerful manner allowed me to relax enough to voice my concerns.  She listened intently, took notes and devised a starter plan. My every question  and concern was addressed.  I left the office, plan in hand---finally, a holistic, all-inclusive approach that was doable!   I have been seeing Dr. Su for over a year now, and I am happy to report that my cholesterol and thyroid are within normal range.  Her knowledge, research skills and desire to help are invaluable.  I am so grateful for the compassionate help that she has offered (to me and others) and continues to offer, and would heartily recommend her to anyone who is ready for positive change, and willing to participate in the journey back to optimal health!  Thank you, Dr. Su!


"I highly recommend Dr. Shreya Soni. She religiously puts her patients at the forefront, utilizing the latest research to provide them the most cutting edge and effective treatments. After seeing a number of doctors with no resolution, it was Dr. Soni who arrived at the right diagnosis, helping me to resolve chronic abdominal pain that I had been suffering from for years. Her treatment plan was designed to be as minimally invasive and as natural as possible, which is a practice philosophy that I truly appreciate."

Krish from Yelp

"It was great working with Dr.Soni. She was very patient listening to all I had to say on how I felt and all the symptoms I  had been experiencing. This is something I really appreciated since I never got enough time from my Endo. I had tons of questions from my reading on my auto immune condition and she would explain it me one way or the other. Very supportive and kind.
She has immense knowledge on autoimmune diseases and am sure she can help lot of patients feel better."

Veena from Yelp

"Dr. Soni is an exceptional health care provider, and I have known many. She is truly invested in the physical and mental well being of her patients and takes the time to analyze each patient's individual situation to create a customized treatment plan that integrates their feedback with her medical experience and training. Dr. Soni's intellectual curiosity leads her to continuously build upon her professional training, and her creativity leads her to ask questions and seek solutions that others may not take the time to consider. I also appreciate her ability to clearly communicate not only the treatment plan itself, but the explanation of the reasoning behind the recommendation, which is rare in the medical field."

Melissa from Yelp

I have had chronic health issues most of my life. I was sick of traditional medicine and doctors who would rather prescribe pain pills than get down to the bottom of my medical issues. Dr. Berkebile was referred to me by a chiropractor who recommended I make an initial appointment to learn more about what a Naturopathic doctor does. I have been working with her for over five years now solving and managing my health naturally. She has taught me so much about my body and shows genuine care for her patients.  One area that has been extremely helpful to me is Telemedicine appointments. I travel three to four times a year for work so being able to keep up with doctor appointments via video/phone has been invaluable! I am truly grateful to have found Dr. Berkebile and I highly recommend her Naturopathic treatments.

Dr. Gignac is one of the best doctors I have seen! She is compassionate and listened when other doctors wouldn't. She is very knowledgeable and helped identify the root cause of my health concerns. She has provided me with effective, natural treatment. I would highly recommend Dr. Gignac.


I made an appointment with Dr. Gignac after having a phone consult because she seemed to know what she was talking about. Well, I wasn't disappointed! I can't say enough good things about Dr. Gignac and I feel very fortunate to have found her. She is a smart, intuitive,
caring doctor who listened to my concerns with compassion and investigated my symptoms thoroughly. The natural treatments she recommended were very effective and I feel great! Thank you. Highly recommended.


I had trouble falling asleep for about a year. Dr. Su helped me figure out what my problem was by using sleep diary and some herbal supplements. I can manage my sleep issues so much better now by making small changes of my lifestyle and using herbal supplement only when needed. I'm really grateful for her help.


I went to Dr. Su with some health issues which included fibroids and iron deficiency to name a couple. The office staff is so nice, professional, and extremely helpful. Dr. Su is the best, she's very professional, caring, and thorough. I've never had such good care and I've had great health insurance all my life. Dr. Su really listens and actually hears what your ailments and concerns are. I was definitely in good hands. Dr. Su also referred me to a wonderful gynecologist who was willing to work with both of us. I was fortunate that my insurance paid for about half of my visits but I would have gone to Dr. Su regardless. She's amazing and I would highly recommend her. All insurance companies should cover Naturopathic/Holistic care!


Dr. Sherry Su is one of the smartest medical providers I have ever worked with. Her combined passion to help others, her powerful critical thinking abilities, and her diagnostic skills make her my preferred Naturopathic doctor.

I never hesitate to refer friends or family to her as I know she will do everything she can to help them.