Naturopathic Family Health hopes you give us the chance to give you a reason to sing our praises, in the meantime, see what others are saying about our doctors in these Naturopathic Family Health testimonials:

Stress and anxiety used to be a regular part of my day, and I often had panic attacks. Dr. Gignac thoroughly investigated several possibilities of why I was feeling that way, and then treated the actual cause of my anxiety. Nowadays I feel much more calm, peaceful, grounded, and energized. She is very authentic in her work, and it’s clear that she genuinely cares about her patients.

Dr. Gignac is an absolute pleasure to work with. I went to see her for hormonal imbalances that were taking a major toll on my quality of life. She listened to my concerns with a high level of compassion, and was very knowledgeable when it came to treatment options. Since following her recommendations, I have noticed a huge improvement in my original symptoms, as well as several other areas of my overall health. I would highly recommend seeing Dr. Gignac if you want to improve your health and well-being!

I've had nothing but great experiences since starting care at NFH. So far, I have noticed significant improvements in my health on many levels. Their practical and holistic approach leaves me feeling motivated about my health and I look forward to continuing my care with them! Highly recommended!


Dr. Jennifer Jewell-Larsen has changed my life in the best way possible. I suffer from autoimmune/inflammation challenges and had hit a dead end with my rheumatologist. I was told "this is just how you're supposed to feel" but that is not a way to live. I started seeing Dr. Jewell-Larsen and within a couple of months, I was already feeling like a different person and had so much hope again. I can't wait to continue her plan and heal my body over time. It's now been 4 months since I first started seeing her and I still get emotional about how great I am feeling. If you've ever though about seeing a naturopathic, I encourage you to see her and learn how to take care of your body.


I first saw Dr. Jewell-Larsen with a myriad of complaints that previous MD's and NP's considered unrelated. My first visit with her was memorable because she was so genuine and spent so much time trying to understand all of my issues. It was a relaxed conversation rather than a hurried MD appointment where as you are describing your symptoms the doc is already writing the script and has his foot half way out the door! Dr. Jewell-Larsen has been committed to addressing each of my complaints with natural, holistic solutions and provides a treatment plan after each visit so we both stay on the same page. It is a relief to know that I don't have to figure out all of my health issues on my own anymore and try to stand my ground at the MD's office! I even feel like I have an advocate and partner, which is how the relationship with a doctor is supposed to be! I am convinced that seeing Dr. Jewell-Larsen is not only making me well but preventing the major illnesses in my family from happening to me! After years of feeling sick I finally feel the best I ever have and am continuing to get even better!


Dr. Jewell-Larsen is hands down the best doctor I've ever seen!

She is an amazing resource and I feel so lucky to have her treating my whole family. She does great with my children (I have 4, ages 9 months-6 years) as well as has really helped my husband and myself with a number of health issues. She is even on top of spotting potential risks before the become serious, as she did with running some blood test for my husband and finding out a lot that we can be proactive about. About 8 months ago I was in a health crisis both physically and mentally and became very worried that no one could figure out why. I saw so many doctors, GI specialists and several ER visits with them only wanted to prescribe me medication to treat the symptoms. I remember feeling so depressed and scared that no one could help me or even tell me why I was sick. I was so happy after my initial appointment with Dr. Jewell-Larsen that I had found a doctor that would listen and who truly cares for her patients. She wrote up a complete treatment plan and we were able to address so many things as well as discover some new issues through testing and solve even more problems I didn't even know I had. Her advice and protocols are always reasonable and she always has something new I can try if things are working. I love that she is very natural and uses mostly teas and herbs to help my body heal. I have been in to see her many times for different issues and always leave with a better plan of action. Her office is very clean and organized. Nicole the receptionist is also very helpful and friendly. I actually enjoy going to the doctor now!

I really can't say enough good things about her and would highly recommend her to anyone!

I am so blessed to have Dr. Jen as my N.D.  I came to her in late August '12 with a history of clinical depression & anxiety.  I had been using an antidepressant since 1994.  I tried several times to get off the meds without success.  I even changed my eating habits & became vegan but within 3 mo. the depression & panic attacks came back more intensely.  I went to my previous M.D. and went back on the meds but this time they made my symptoms far worse.  I couldn't function at my job or at home…[Dr. Jen] listened compassionately to my story and calmly gave her advice & recommendations.  Within a few weeks after being tested & reviewing the results of the tests with Dr. Jen she prescribed for me certain herbs & vitamin supplements to help balance my hormones & ease my anxiety.
I thank God because a miracle happened...I feel superb!  I feel my "normal" self.  I have a vast amount of energy & no symptoms of depression or panic attacks!  I'm still vegan & making sure I get plenty of protein by eating lots of whole grains, beans, nuts fruits & plenty of veggies.  I'm exercising & taking one day at a time.
Bless your heart, Dr. Larsen & thanks for your hugs!
I have never met such a friendlier doctor, when i went to my regular doctor i felt that my issue would never go away, but once i found Dr. Jewell-Larsen all my worries went away, she was informative, kind and friendly. When i called the office her assistant ( a male---can you believe it) to set up an appointment he was also very friendly and warm, the two of them went above and beyond to make sure i was help! Thanks Dr. Jen.
I started going to Dr Larson a couple years ago.  My migraines have gone from approximately 2 times per week to 2 times per month.  The migraines I get now are much easier to manage!  I haven't been to the ER for a migraine since I started treatments with her.
I have worked with Jill for almost a year now and she has provided me very valuable and useful information, to really help me get clear on my nutritional goals. Her approach has me eating more healthy AND eating dishes that taste as good as it gets! I have a newfound love for cooking because of Jill. She also has great ideas around how to cook meals for the week, especially when things get a little hectic. Her Interpersonal skills, listening, comprehending my problems and providing me feedback are extremely appreciated! Jill Borba is awesome!!!