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Let’s talk about your thyroid. 

This little butterfly-shaped gland in your neck has a mighty role in your body.

It keeps your metabolism chugging, helps you grow, regulates your body temperature, digestion, energy levels, and even affects how sharp your mind feels.

To do all these things, the thyroid talks to and works together with a number of other systems, especially the adrenal and sex hormone systems. When your thyroid is not working right, it can throw a wrench into the whole system.

When You Don’t Feel “Right”

If you suspect your thyroid is struggling or know that you have thyroid dysfunction, most likely your doctor ran a TSH test and either told you there’s no problem or started you on Levothyroxine or Synthroid. Labs to be repeated in a year.

If it’s really that simple, why do you still not feel well?

The thyroid system and how it works in your body is pretty complex.

Here’s the deal – understanding the thyroid system isn’t always straightforward. Just because your brain is sending out TSH (that’s thyroid stimulating hormone) within normal levels, doesn’t mean your thyroid is getting the message.

Your thyroid might not be making enough T4 or thyroxine, which is the inactive form that moves from your thyroid to other parts of your body. Plus, T4 might not be converting properly to T3 or triiodothyronine, which is the active thyroid hormone that affects how your cells work.

Your immune system could also play a role here. If your body is producing high levels of thyroid antibodies, it might be going after your thyroid and causing issues with its job.

If any of these parts aren’t in sync, you could experience symptoms similar to thyroid problems, even if your TSH level looks normal on paper.

And don’t forget your thyroid talks to the rest of your body.

If your thyroid isn’t working well, it’s very likely that other systems are compensating or also malfunctioning.

A good example is your adrenal system, which produces cortisol and other hormones that help you manage stress. If your thyroid is not working normally, your adrenal system might be overcompensating to keep up with the body’s demands, leading to symptoms like fatigue, anxiety and insomnia.

Your sex hormones are also influenced by your thyroid function. This is why women with thyroid issues often experience menstrual irregularities, low libido, and fertility problems.

Other factors such as stress, sleep patterns, nutrition choices, and environmental toxins can also affect how your thyroid system works.

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What Is The Next Step?

Wondering if it’s your thyroid or something else behind your symptoms?

Do you know you have thyroid disease and are looking for a better approach?

Well, step one is teaming up with a knowledgeable healthcare provider ready to dive into the mystery and create a treatment plan that fits your life and addresses your concerns.

Of course, a deep dive into your thyroid is crucial, even if you’ve been told your thyroid levels are normal before. Depending on what’s going on with you, looking at other areas like adrenal function, hormones, nutrition, and overall body function might be needed too.

Thyroid Disorder Treatments

Effective Treatment for Thyroid Disorders

For effective treatment, it’s a blend of supportive clinical nutrition, herbal remedies, a touch of the right conventional or compounded medicine if needed, and lifestyle factors like stress management, quality sleep, and healthy food choices.

We also encourage understanding your body and its needs, so be prepared to learn and discuss!

At Naturopathic Family Health our goal is to help to empower you on your health journey!

Remember, your thyroid is just one piece of the puzzle that impacts your overall health and well-being.

While it might feel tempting to go for a quick fix with medication to adjust your TSH level, it’s crucial to look at your entire thyroid system and how it fits into the bigger picture.

When you address it all, your body will thank you, and you’ll feel fantastic.

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