10 Simple Self-Care Practices That Require Less Than 5 Minutes

10 Simple Self-Care Practices That Require Less Than 5 Minutes

Life can get incredibly busy, and unfortunately one of the first things people drop on their  priority list is self-care.

Nourishing ourselves with what brings us joy and relaxation does wonders for our personal quality of life, our ability to care for others, and our capacity to cope with stress.

When our baseline state is more calm, we are less emotionally reactive and more tolerant to triggers that may otherwise cause significant stress. 

If time and/or energy are short, here are some quick self-care practices to experiment with for brief personal rejuvenation.

10 Simple Self-Care Practices

  1. Conjure a moment of self-compassion
  2. Step outside and feel the warm natural sunlight on your face 
  3. Stand up and stretch different parts of your body. Notice how you’re feeling physically and consciously adjust posture and relax any areas that feel tense.
  4. Take 3 calming deep breaths into your lower belly, inhaling through your nose and slowly exhaling through your mouth 
  5. Ground yourself by finding your body in space and noticing things in your immediate environment that you can see/hear/smell/touch
  6. Center yourself with a 3-5 minute guided meditation
  7. Have a laugh over a 3-5 minute comedy clip
  8. Hug a loved one or snuggle a pet
  9. Take a break and listen to your favorite song
  10. Tune in to what is truly the most restorative for you, and make a plan for it

Many people wait until a stressful event takes place to pause and take care of themselves.

It’s important to identify the most helpful practices for you and find ways to implement them in your regular routine so you are more resilient when stressful situations come.

For more tips on how to naturally support your mental health, check out our Mental Health page. You can also schedule a 10 minute consultation at https://naturopathicfamilyhealth.com/consultation/

Dr. Caitlan Gignac
Naturopathic Doctor San Jose


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