Creating Healthy Habits as Communities Reopen

Creating Healthy Habits Post-Pandemic

The pandemic has reshaped many of our daily habits over the past months. Many people adjusted their recreational activities, dietary regimens, activity level, family dynamics, and socialization for a long enough duration that it felt like a new normal.

As further progress is made with the pandemic, we are seeing additional opening of businesses, increased travel opportunities, and the expansion of in-person gatherings and community events. Life is changing yet again.  

Readjusting Your Routine 

As with most change, a gradual shift is typically the most feasible, giving the body a chance to adapt over time, and limiting the sense of overwhelm. For those who experienced a slower pace during the pandemic, it would be helpful to gradually ease back into a more full schedule.

It took a deliberate effort to slow down, and speeding back up is a process that takes time. Some people may even have discovered a new ideal pace that lies somewhere between quarantine lifestyle and pre-pandemic tendencies. 


Nutrition was affected for many people during the height of the pandemic. Shifts in grocery stores and restaurants, along with working from home and managing the stress of the pandemic, all had the potential to affect eating habits.

There is an opportunity now to observe current dietary regimens and note if any changes are desirable. A significant contributing factor in what foods are eaten comes down to habit. If a pandemic can catalyze change in this regard, then the resolution process also holds immense potential for transformation.


Many exercise regimens were altered with prolonged closures of gyms, yoga studios, and fitness classes. Similar to healthy nutrition, regular exercise is easier to maintain when it’s part of a consistent routine. Since numerous common exercise facilities were unavailable for a significant amount of time, they are not necessarily at the forefront of the mind right now. It requires conscious intention and commitment to bring these practices back into the normal rhythm.

There has been steady change throughout the pandemic, requiring continuous observation and adaptation. As communities reopen, it is wise to be mindful about reintegrating into society at an appropriate rate and nature, while seizing the opportunity to initiate healthy lifestyle choices along the way.

Dr. Caitlan Gignac
Naturopathic Doctor San Jose


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