Finding Comfort in the Unknown


Life as we know it continues to evolve. During the past weeks, people have undergone significant shifts in what contributes to their personal identities, while being forced to be still and watch culture undergo dramatic transformations in real-time before their own eyes. Work, recreation, and family dynamics have all taken on new meanings, creating opportunities for people to expand their comfort zone and methods of experiencing joy and contentment.

This accelerating transition is naturally met with significant uncertainty of what the future will hold and when that will materialize. Humans thrive on routine and certainty because it instinctively brings sensations of safety and security. Therefore, being faced with unpredictable change and an unknown future is a very real challenge. However, difficulty is not matched with impossibility. Navigating this obstacle can be catalyzed by an open and curious mind, and further complemented with commitment to a different thought process. 

Letting go of resistance to change is vital in moving towards finding comfort in the unknown. Embracing full acceptance that change is occurring and surrendering to the process is extraordinarily liberating. A great deal of suffering around change comes from the vast amount of energy that automatically defaults into resistance, which only fogs the present moment and the abundant opportunities that are eagerly waiting to be noticed. The unknown future is far less daunting when the focus is centered on the here and now. There is often more to appreciate in the present moment than might ordinarily be recognized. Creating gratitude for what is in front of us builds a foundation of positive thinking that is more resilient against the difficulty and discomfort associated with accepting and adapting to change.

The importance of offering patience and compassion to oneself when facing these challenges cannot be overstated. Adaptation requires practice and commitment, but at a rate that is sustainable for effective long-term integration of new patterns while respecting the current state of being and maintaining quality of life. 

Will the old “normal” eventually resurface? Things may not ever be identical to before, but we will excel at continuously adapting to our dynamic environment and finding creative ways to thrive and embrace our essential needs as humans, at whatever rate is necessary.

Disclaimer: This information is meant to be general and for informational purposes only. It is not intended to substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Consult a licensed healthcare practitioner for personal medical care and prior to starting a new treatment.

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