From a Victim to a Humanitarian


In the last two weeks, the world has been taken over by this novel virus, COVID-19.  We are facing a historical pandemic. Many people are forced to work from home or furloughed.  Small businesses are struggling to maintain cash flow. People are getting into fights over toilet paper and other supplies.  Travelers are trapped in airports and anxiously waiting to go home.  

We see ourselves as victims facing this giant defeat in front of us, and we are fearfully crying out for help.  For those who are feeling overwhelmed and hopeless during the shelter-in-place, I invite you to join me in changing your mindset. Let’s turn this victim mentality into acts of kindness and generosity. 

The Act of Giving 

The act of giving is a tremendously empowering way to combat stress and depression.  Let’s take this pandemic as an opportunity for us to bring out the best sides of who we are. By seeing beyond ourselves and our own interests, we will get through this together as a community.  

Let’s work to fill the news and media with more of the following stories: 

  • People raise funds for local hospitals on Facebook.
  • People purposely order foods from struggling restaurants.
  • Those who are sick or high risk receive groceries delivered to their doorsteps. 
  • Prayers are sent to the medical professionals who are at the frontline. 

In the coming months, let’s try to do our best to help others. And when we look back at this pandemic, we will take pride knowing that we loved well.  May we all proceed with love and compassion.


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