Healthy Holiday Tips for the Whole Family

This holiday season, it is likely that you and your family will be attending numerous holiday parties and possibly even hosting one. You can still enjoy the holiday festivities while being a bit healthier. Creating healthy habits in the home, especially around the holidays, helps establish the long term healthy choices of your family.  Here is a simple family guide you can follow for healthy holiday tips.

Always have healthy snacks available.

Healthy food should always be accessible to your family, no matter where you are. This is at the top of our list on healthy holiday tips. If you’re going to someone else’s house, bring along healthy food options such as fruits and vegetables or homemade pizzas on whole wheat crust. This goes for drinks as well! Make sure water is easy to grab for children. You can even make the water more enticing to them by make creating some fun ice cubes out of 100 percent fruit juice.

Make adjustments in the food preparation.

Involve your kids in the food preparation for a healthy holiday season. This helps them form a deeper connection with what they’re eating. While preparing the food, swap out ingredients to create healthier alternatives to your favorite holiday dishes.  

Create a healthy holiday season schedule.

Make sure you have a solid family schedule that encourages healthy eating. Aim to keep everyone on a regular schedule with three meals a day and healthy snacks. Also, encourage your family to get moving. With the increase in treats, exercise is even more important during the holiday season, and it is recommended that you get an hour a day.

Follow these healthy holiday tips to be a role-model.

Show your family that you can eat a variety of foods and monitor your own portion sizes at holiday celebrations. Parents act as the number one role models for their kids. You can also steer the attention away from holiday food, and more towards traditions and activities when creating these holiday memories with your family.

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