The Problem with Plastic

problem with plastic

Most of us have seen the terrible videos and pictures that show our once beautiful oceans filled with excessive amounts plastic. This plastic epidemic has become a huge problem. Fish swim with plastic beads in their bellies. Beaches are covered in plastic shoes, baskets and bags.

The problem with plastic for our health

However, the problem with plastic far exceeds the effects it has on the ocean. It affects our bodies as well. Just like in the ocean, plastic accumulates in us too. It is well-documented that plastic disrupts hormones, meaning it can impact our hormones on a cellular level. Research shows that each generation is accumulating more and more plastics in their system. Our children have more exposure and accumulation of plastic than our grandparents. In short, we are creating an environment where children are more prone to hormonal issues. These hormonal disruptions cause irregular blood sugar levels, infertility, thyroid issues, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and more.

Plastic accumulation prevention

Help cease this problem with plastic. There are things you and your family can practice to prevent plastic accumulation:

  • Replace plastic wrap with a healthy and environmentally friendly substitute, such as a beeswax and resin cloth wrap. You can even wash it and reuse it, saving you money!
  • Take reusable glass containers with you to the grocery store and get items from the bulk section. Just make sure you weigh your container at customer service first.
  • Recycle all plastic food storage containers.
  • NEVER microwave plastic and then eat from it. This includes to-go containers that have a plastic lining.
  • Skip the plastic lids and cups at Starbucks. Bring your own. Like we learned in the previous bullet point, hot food/ beverages and plastic should not mix.

While plastic is convenient, it is not worth the health and environmental hazards. Limit your family’s exposure. What ways have you limited plastic exposure in your environment? Let us know in the comments!

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