Year-End Reflections

This year has been extraordinarily unique. Many differences in 2020 have been challenging, traumatic, eye-opening, inspiring, and life-changing. When in the process of winding down a turbulent year, it is helpful to reflect on what went on, while supporting ourselves in the process.


There have been many challenges to face this year on many different levels. Among the hardships, there have also been beautiful moments of positive change. Taking time to reflect on what happened this year, including both positive and negative circumstances, on both individual and collective levels, is very helpful. This is ideally done without attaching judgment to thoughts or emotions that arise in the process. These reflections can provide a reminder of how resilient we truly are, which is an important piece to acknowledge. It can be incredibly powerful to incorporate this activity into time spent with family and close friends. Children and teenagers would also benefit from this practice, and it could be an opportunity for a new end-of-year holiday tradition. With fewer events and social gatherings this holiday season, there is more opportunity to be still, turn inward, and set clear intentions for the upcoming life chapter.


Laughter is the best medicine. When we laugh, the body releases endorphins that make us feel happy and well. Laughter is a powerful stress reliever and leads to feelings of calm and relaxation both mentally and physically. Laughing also facilitates connection with others and can promote social bonds. These benefits can be experienced during socially distanced holiday gatherings, including remotely through zoom. Whether it’s listening to a comedy piece, watching a funny sitcom, or sharing jokes, bringing more humor into life is absolutely fantastic for supporting wellbeing during darker times. 

Cultivating A Healthy Mindset

Our experience is largely impacted by the nature of our perception. Working towards finding acceptance and gratitude for what exists in the present moment fosters a mental state of peace and contentment for the current reality. 

As 2020 comes to a close, let’s reflect on the hardships and accomplishments, nourish ourselves with laughter, create a positive outlook, and set clear intentions for the future ahead.


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