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The Evolution of Women’s Health

Our health as women follows our hormones. This not only includes monthly cycles, but cycles over a lifetime, from starting your period, to pregnancies, to menopause. Our “normal” is adapting to our monthly and yearly changes.

Four Points on a Pyramid

Women are a three-sided pyramid: sex hormones, thyroid, and adrenals.  If any one of these corners gets out of balance, it affects the stability of the whole structure. On top of the pyramid, we also have our neurotransmitters that are directly affected by our hormone levels. As Naturopathic Doctors, we tend to look at all sides of the pyramid to make sure health is in balance.

Hormones are chemical messengers that affect everything, including metabolism, sexual health, sleep, and mood. Even a slight imbalance can affect our health and quality of life. Hormones help keep us awake and energetic, but they can also keep us up at night. Even small imbalances can greatly affect women’s health!

Women’s hormonal needs change and evolve across our lifetime. It’s crucial to work with a provider who understands the importance of this in order to stay healthy throughout all of life’s changes. Being proactive and preventative are keys to our health!

Our visits include a thorough review of your history, in order to direct us towards any labs that may be necessary when looking at the different corners of the pyramid. Treatments can range from nutrients and herbs, to diet and lifestyle, all the way to bio-identical hormones.

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