The Problem with Bossy Estrogen

The Problem with Bossy Estrogen

Estrogen plays a crucial role in maintaining strong bones, supporting brain function, and regulating muscle mass and tissue repair.

For women, estrogen is indispensable for various bodily functions.

There are two primary types of estrogen, estradiol, and estrone, which require a delicate balance to ensure optimal health and normal bodily functions. Disruption in this equilibrium can lead to a wide range of issues.


Estrone, which we refer to as ‘bossy’ estrogen, offers numerous benefits when maintained in balance. However, excessive production or imbalance of estrone and estradiol can negatively impact your well-being, triggering various symptoms. Elevated levels of estrone, especially during menopause or periods of prolonged stress, can dominate over other estrogens and progesterone, assuming the role of ‘the boss’.

Many women experiencing elevated estrone levels may encounter feelings of irritability, depression, and mood swings, particularly during the PMS period. Moreover, heightened estrone levels can contribute to heavy menstrual bleeding, fatigue, and decreased libido, during perimenopause and other life phases.

If you resonate with the symptoms mentioned, consider undergoing a comprehensive hormone panel to determine the most effective approach to balance your hormones.

The panel should cover all three estrogen forms: estrone, estradiol, and estriol, along with progesterone, testosterone, and the pre-hormone DHEA. Depending on your unique situation, assessing hormones through saliva may offer more insights than traditional blood work.

Balancing & Stabilizing Estrogen

Balancing and stabilizing estrogen and other sex hormones can be achieved through nutritional changes, suitable exercise, and enhanced stress management techniques. Herbal remedies and hormone replacement therapy should be considered based on your lab results and life phase. 

Empower yourself by taking control of your hormone levels – have them evaluated and collaborate with a knowledgeable naturopathic doctor or integrative healthcare provider to determine the best strategy for achieving balance and enhancing your quality of life!

Dr. Casey Berkebile San Jose Naturopath

Dr. Casey Berkebile ND, LAc
Naturopathic Doctor San Jose

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