Author: Dr. Casey Berkebile, Naturopathic Doctor San Jose


What Are Xenoestrogens?

Xenoestrogens are part of a group of chemicals known as endocrine (hormone) disruptors. Endocrine disruptors, once in our system, can mimic or block our hormones

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That Time of the Month

Many women spend three weeks out of the month dreading that one week.  Your regular doctor tells you to get on the pill. Some women

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The Optimal Thyroid

Many of my patients come in thinking they have a problem with their thyroid when they are having issues losing weight.  Though it is not

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From Stress to Distress

Unfortunately, stress has become an ingrained part of our daily lives as a result of the demands of this fast-paced world. However, many of us

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problem with plastic

The Problem with Plastic

Most of us have seen the terrible videos and pictures that show our once beautiful oceans filled with excessive amounts plastic. This plastic epidemic has

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The Effects of Stress

There is a great story in the book called Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers, by Robert Sapolsky.  The book presents various effects of stress on

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